Give it Soul (Cycle)

I’ve never been a big fan of spinning – it seemed repetitive and not something that helped much of my upper body. That all changed when I took my first Soul Cycle class last year, and can now say I am 100% obsessed.

sc4I make it a point to go every Sunday morning as a way to kick off my week on a healthy note, and even sign up for classes in other cities when I travel.  It’s hard to bottle up the experience in writing: I think of it as a dance class for my heart. Unlike most other gyms / classes where you pay in advance and are often locked into some contractual obligation, you have to schedule each Soul Cycle class separately. I’ve downloaded their app where you can find studios and search instructors easily (they will even display the music they are listening to so you can align an instructor with your taste).

The class is dark with lit candles, but your energy stays up because the music is as loud as a club. The shoe literally clip onto the bike so you can’t go anywhere and can focus on your movements. The knob on the bike has no numbers on it – you will turn it up and down based on your desire to go faster or slower, with recommendations from the instructors (turn 2 times to the right, etc). Most classes are 45 minutes, with 60 minute one called “Soul Survivor” (the one I attend Sun mornings).

my soul cycle pants and nails matched that day :)
my soul cycle pants and nails matched that day 🙂

I love SC because this is my time to be in the moment. In order to get the most out of class I can’t be on my cell phone, working, or distracted in any way.  And even though I am riding on my own, I am in a room full of others (up to 60 people) who have the same goal. There is an energy and synchronicity to that as well. And the instructors are right there with you, peddling just as hard but also shouting motivational lines like “You are a warrior; show up today for the person you want to be” and tons more. By the end of class, I am a dripping pool of sweat (bring water!) but also feel rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever challenge comes next.

inside the SOHO NYC studio
inside the SOHO NYC studio
  • Make space for blessings and celebrate your life.
  • Step into a new week with your full potential.
  • If you feel yourself going through the motions then something needs to change
  • Don’t use the word change because that implies something was wrong with you. Use build because you are always improving!
  • Greatness is homemade.

The last (but not least) thing I love about it? It’s founded by 2 women entrepreneurs who were friends. If they can accomplish that together, I’m excited to see what we can do as well 🙂


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