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No Fax Machine Required


hellof“Can you fax that medical paperwork to us asap?” the health insurance representative asked me. I was at home with an injury that prevented me from walking, let alone driving to an office store to get access to a fax machine. So, long story short, no.

“Can’t I just email it to you?” I asked. I mean, it’s 2016 after all. Yet my insurance company was living in a 1990’s bubble, and emailing was simply not possible. I needed to get this paperwork to my insurance company, but how on Earth would I be able to do this? I was frustrated and felt helpless. I thought about emailing the paperwork to a trusted friend or family member for them to print out and fax from their job, but I worried about the private details listed on all of this paperwork. What could I do?

hellofaxI did a little research (meaning I googled the question “How can I fax something without a fax machine?”) when I discovered the answer to my problem: HelloFax. I was so amazed that I wouldn’t even have to print out documents; I could sign them from my computer and fax them for free as well. I literally didn’t even need a printer or scanner! Was this even possible? It seemed too good to be true.

I read the reviews, high ratings, and security protocol. Yup, HelloFax is the real deal – and quite a deal with it being free! I have used it multiple times over the past six months, and it’s incredible that using using HelloFax is actually EASIER than using a fax machine! I have suggested it to others who ran into similar faxing dilemmas, and everyone is so grateful for the recommend.

HelloFax is true sanity saver! The free service worked perfectly for me, but if you have a business or need to fax more frequently, definitely take a look at their faxing plans. There are additional options (like the ability to receive faxes, fax more pages beyond the free service, and utilizing email-to-fax).




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