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Women Who Reign: Srishti Mehra

“I’d love to take up things I don’t feel completely ready for. I think that’s how I’ll push my self beyond what I know and grow” – Marissa Mayer

Tell us about yourself along with a fun fact!
I am an Indian and have been in the United States since the beginning of my bachelor’s education. I hail from a small town where most people considered going out of the country for a Bachelors very absurd. However, my desire to study in this education system and thought that I would get more opportunities here brought me to the US. My grandfather’s belief in me to let me do what I want to and support made this possible. I came here in 2012 as a girl who barely knew anything about the country. Slowly figuring it out and learning along the way, I managed to make a mark of mine in my school, secure internships and a job. I was a part of various student organizations and even held leadership positions in a few. All of these experiences are just the beginning. I graduate this May and am very excited to start my job in the summer. I have a lot of ambitions and goals to accomplish and I look forward to those.

Fun fact:
1. I love adventure sports and theme parks. I am not afraid of heights and even though the water ones scare me a good amount, I still try them. Sky diving should be my next thing to do.

2. I have a sweet tooth and am particularly careful about my health and working out at the same time. So weekends are usually the only time I can allow my sweet tooth to function.

Favorite website / app:
Whatsapp – it helps me stay connected to people whom I don’t see on a regular basis

Business Insider – I like that it has inspiring stories from people who have been successful in their lives in various different fields.

Someone who inspires you and knowledge they have imparted (if any):
In family: My grandfather. He was a very passionate doctor and evolved and grew many folds to serve his community, take responsibility of the family and follow his passion of surgery.

Outside of family: Ajay Singh Banga (CEO MasterCard): He has mentioned in a lot of his interviews about how he diversified his learning and experience at companies to make him see the big picture from different aspects. This made him a very capable leader and this is how he is focusing on so many different areas of his company at once.

Song that makes you want to dance:
Bollywood music. Also some Indian folk songs, since I trained as a folk dancer.

Technical challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it:

During my second internship, I worked on mobile application project with my team. We had originally started off with the goal to make a platform independent web application that could be rendered on native containers for any mobile OS. This was challenging as it restricts one from many native features that different OS’ allow for their applications. As the application started manifesting, we noticed performance issues due to the fact that we were rendering the application in containers, which compromised performance as compared to a direct browser.  It had heavy data that needed to be loaded before display and that was causing issues. In the span of the project timeline, we changed out tech stack to another language that is known for its smart rendering features and works well with web applications rendered on native containers. This however also did not give us the optimum level of performance that we wanted to deliver to our clients. To meet the needs of the timeline and our clients, in the last week of development we divided our team into two halves. One that would concentrate on engineering the problem and devising a solution and the other who would prepare a native application that can be delivered for this release.

This challenge taught me a lot about the different technologies I worked with, the pros and cons of frameworks, OSs and different approaches and above all it taught me how integrity towards client needs and timeline are very important. The team worked very well together to deliver what was expected from us and then later went on to engineer the problem we faced in our original design.

Ideal Job:
One where I get to do more than just one role. I like to know things holistically, so be it a project, a team; I would like to be in a role where I can contribute in more than one way. This way, I will also keep learning new things. It would be the best if I can do things and do them with so much enthusiasm that I can pass that on to others. I would love to be an inspiration to many.

What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?
I would try and impart a strong will firstly. If a girl wants something, she should stand strong for it, she should work really hard and convince people around her if they oppose her to let her follow her dreams. I would also try and imbibe the importance of taking up leadership roles in any way that we can. I feel that leading a team (be it a sports team, a dance troop or a project team at work) teaches us a lot. It teaches us about people, about the bond between them, about the different styles of working, importance of strengths and weaknesses and many more.

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