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Women Who Reign: Flora Park

We need to start work with the idea that we’re going to learn every day. I learn, even at my position, every single day.” – Chanda Kochhar

Tell us about yourself along with a fun fact!

Hi! My name is Flora Park, currently a sophomore studying Computer Science in Columbia University. I’m interested in cryptography, computer vision, and web development! I also love taking pictures, swimming and traveling.

Fun Fact: My sister’s name is Lily — matching family names: Flora/Lily.


What # would define your life journey?


You can laugh about the “basic”ness of the hashtag, but in all seriousness, I feel like my life journey wouldn’t have been possible if not all of the wonderful people I’ve met. From really close school friends and amazing professors in Columbia, high school friends back in Korea, startup CEO I meet in the NYC startup tech scene, and so much more — I learn so much by talking to so many people and sharing their experience, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity that I am exposed to!


Favorite website / app:
Instagram! I really like taking pictures and just updating my life in a creative way (other than uploading statuses). Plus, it’s also a great way to be in loop with industries/ areas that you are interested! I’m really interested in food and fashion, so I follow a bunch of instagrammers for support and updates.


Someone who inspires you and knowledge they have imparted:
I love creating any type of creative digital content, and really love photography. I’m inspired by a lot of artists, both modern and classic, and mostly in love with people who have creativity to really think out of their boxes and produce content that no one else could expect. For such reason, Erik Johansson is one of my favorite artists/ photographer — he creates content by taking pictures and drawings and merging them using photoshop to make illusionary reality. Check his work out here!


Ideal Job:

I’d love to be an engineer that makes impact. An impact as in a change brought to the individuals that use the technology I contribute to, but also socially to better the lives of people, or society as a whole.

But more importantly, wherever I am, I wish to be content about my life. I realize that this is really trivial, but also something that a lot of us forget in our busy everyday lives.

What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?

Everyone is unique, and everyone is invaluable in his/her own way. Don’t be washed away by the mass to believe that you aren’t an important individual. Everyone adds color to the world and makes an impact, you are one of them!

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