Women Who Reign: Fanny Nina Paravecino

“Never believe that something is impossible; it is only very unlikely, and you can be the one that break the odds.” – Fanny Nina Paravecino


AM259CDCOMBO830AM (59)Tell us about yourself along with a fun fact!

I was born in Cusco, Peru. I finished high school at the age of 15, and went to college and finished it at the age of 19; pretty early I know! that is thanks to my mom that decided that I was ready to start school at early age. I moved to Lima to work for few years, and then moved to Puerto Rico to pursue a Master in Science in Computer Eng. In 2011 thanks to my master research group, I moved to Boston to pursue a PhD in Computer Eng. under supervision of Dr. David Kaeli. I couldn’t choose a better lab to work on, I feel very blessed with my advisor and my lab research. As a fun fact, I can tell you the most amazing stories that happened to me on the MBTA public train in Boston. Once, I was very bumped because my CPT paperwork didn’t fully completed. An old man in the T station stared at me for a long time, and suddenly he came close to me before the train arrived, and tell me that whatever I was dealing with, I should smile, everything is better with a smile!


IMG_2587What # would define your life journey?

I think that would be number 3. I’m the third child, the youngest one. And everything that was related to research my advisor always pointed out that we should have three contributions. So number 3, is the lucky number.


Favorite website / app:

Many, I can’t choose just one. I would say Instagram is becoming very interesting every single day, I like Twitter too. But most important I think the customized social network are quite interesting.


Someone who inspires you and knowledge they have imparted:

I got very inspired by my PhD advisor, Dr. Kaeli works very hard with the only motivation to encourage students to become better and better every single time. Regarding my personal journey, I think my mom is my biggest inspiration. She truly taught me, that it doesn’t matter the end-goal, it matters the journey. If I truly tried everything that was in my hands, then I should be in peace with myself, not matter the outcome of it.


Song that makes you want to dance:

I’m a Latina, everything makes me want to dance :).


IMG000194Ideal Job:

I have many ideas about an ideal job, everything related to my research would be an ideal job. And by the way, my research is in high performance optimization in parallel architecture.


What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?

Never believe that something is impossible; it is only very unlikely, and you can be the one that break the odds.


To learn more about Fanny, follow her on Twitter! @fninaparavecino


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