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Women Who Reign: Natalia Jacobowitz

“I think confidence is something that is hard earned. We earn it when we stumble, when we fail, when we get our hearts broken … We also earn it when we let the love in.” – Jess Weiner, Founder & CEO of Talk To Jess


Tell us a little about yourself along with a fun fact:

pic4My name is Natalia and I am a Junior studying at Columbia University in NYC majoring in Computer Engineering. I hail from New Jersey, which is great because school isn’t too far away from home. When not coding, I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, whether it’s hiking, snowboarding, or swimming. Lately, I’ve gotten really into baking, especially with unexpected ingredients. I have just recently learned how to laser cut so I have been enjoying designing and cutting projects for my apartment.

This summer I interned as a Front-End Engineer for an ecommerce website called 1stdibs.

Fun fact: I am a Super Recognizer. It means I never forget a face!

What # (hashtag) would define your life journey?


pic2Favorite app:

I have this phone app called OverDrive which lets me download free audiobooks through the New York Public Library so I am constantly listening to books.

Someone who inspires you:

I live in an apartment with six other women and each of them inspire me every day. We all go to school together but everyone is studying something different. I love when they tell me about the high level courses they are taking. It’s always so impressive to me that in addition to their classes each one has leadership positions in various clubs around campus and yet they all manage to make time for what’s important such as family and friends. Every weekend we all take a break from our work and sit down together and catch up on our weeks. My wonderful roommates have shown me what success looks like and have taught me that it is possible to do it all.

Technical challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it:

pic3I came to college knowing nothing about computer science or electrical engineering (the two subjects I am studying). Many peers had learned these subjects in high school or were self-taught. I certainly struggled in the beginning! I recognized a challenge and didn’t let it scare me. I learned to ask for help. I learned as much as I could from my peers and I was able to get a free tutor through my school and that helped me get to speed with the class. Now I like to offer my help to new students in the same position as I was.

Ideal job:

I don’t know where I will be but I always say I want to engineer something that in 10 years from now people will ask how they lived without it.

What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?

“Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios”. Appreciate what makes you unique and use it to your advantage to set you apart.



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