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Women Who Reign: Esha Joshi

”Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.”

Tell us about yourself along with a fun fact!

Hi there! My name is Esha Joshi and I am a software engineer at Apple living and working in Sunnyvale, CA! I just started my job in the end of September and it’s been an overwhelming but really incredible blast so far. For four short years, I lived on the Central Coast of California attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for my undergrad career and graduated with a degree in Software Engineering!

As someone who can easily is stifled by a stringent routine, I always try to seek out unique opportunities and different activities that spice things up and make life interesting. Prior to college, dancing was huge in my life (I consider it my first love). Although I did not dance in college, I participated in other activities that were challenging, exposed me to alternate ways of thinking, and forced me out of my comfort zone — I joined the women in computing club at my college, got involved with Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, became a tour guide, and even had a minor career on the debate team! Through college, I learned a great deal about myself and concluded that many of my “takeaways” have resulted not from the classes and activities I participated in, but from the people I surrounded myself with.

Now I am really lucky and privileged to be back in the San Francisco Bay Area — also where I grew up — and am excited to see what amazing opportunities the future holds for me. Most importantly, I am taking the time to get back into hobbies that were neglected while in college — dancing and reading!

Fun fact: I have stubby thumbs, which makes me less ambidextrous when I am rock climbing!

What # would define your life journey?
#yolo — I have started to adopt this way of thinking in the last two years and it constantly reminds me to not take life too seriously. It reminds me be foolish but rational, adventurous but not stupid, and to keep life interesting and relatively unplanned.

Favorite website / app:
Venmo is perfect archetype of what I would call “surprise and delight”. It is not something I use on a daily basis (which is great because otherwise my wallet would be pain) but a service that is engineered and designed so brilliantly to appeal to all customers of the world (which is huge subset!).

In my day-to-day life, I use Wunderlist to track all my tasks and thoughts. It has become really useful for me when life is overwhelming.

Someone who inspires you and knowledge they have imparted:
Lori Jordan, one of the coordinators for Cal Poly’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In the few months that we worked together (Jan. 2016 – June 2016), Lori became a great mentor and a good friend. She encouraged me to think ahead and have a guided road plan for no more than two years. She also supported my decision to go into industry for my first job after college. Her main advice was to always trust my gut and do what feels right. She also reminded me that while is it easy for other people to advise what may be best for you, at the end of day, you are the single person responsible for paving your path, fulfilling your commitments, and seeing your goals to fruition.

Song that makes you want to dance:
2 On – Tinashe (it has a fantastic beat)

Ideal Job:
In regards to my professional career, I have three goals (which are not all mutually exclusive): to work abroad, to work at a startup, and to become a product manager. While I am enjoying development and it is giving me a run for my money, I cannot wait for the days where I get to be a strategist, entrepreneur, technical visionary, customer advocate, and cross-functional team leader all rolled into one! I am hoping I can take my energy, technical skills, and passion for entrepreneurship to bring a new product/service into the market.

What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?
Don’t stay too comfortable for too long. It’s important to stay challenged and out of your comfort zone because this feeling of imposter syndrome will push you forward in ways that you may never imagine. The instant you start to settle and become stifled with life is when your personal growth and individual learning may plateau. The second piece of knowledge I would like to impart (given to me by a friend) is to never let your alleged life plan get in the way of a good opportunity. In college and especially in the tech workforce, opportunities are prolific and you may never know how they will unfold and alter your life for the better. Always be open to new experiences while we have fewer responsibilities!

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