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Women Who Reign: Melanie Díaz Bonet

“Life is what you make it.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Snip20180806_26Tell us about yourself along with a fun fact!
I am a 20-year-old woman who loves the outdoors. I’m starting my 4th year of my bachelor’s in sciences with a concentration in industrial microbiology at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo. I’ve been recently elected Interdisciplinary Vice President of the Legacy Professionals Association UPRA Chapter and as the Public Relations student of the Microbiology Students Chapter in Arecibo. I plan on graduating in May 2019 to continue with a master’s in public health in environmental.
Fun fact: I got bit by a spider a few days ago. Never say never.

Challenge you faced or crossroads in your life:
Recently I saw a documentary called The minimalist that talked about having less and doing more. This summer I’ve been trying hard to declutter my life and only keep what I need. We don’t notice how much we accumulate throughout the years. Things that don’t add value to our lives, thing that make us momentarily happy. I’m interested in a non-materialistic happiness. It is quite a challenge I’m facing now, sometimes letting go is not that easy but it’s a type of freedom I want to reach.

e605668e-2e2a-48d8-b1fa-836e4bbb6021Who is someone who inspires you?  What knowledge has this person imparted?
Bea Johnson is an environmentalist and author who adopted a zero-waste lifestyle in 2008. Zero Waste means sending no trash to landfills or incinerator. She and her family changed their lifestyle to a more sustainable and eco-friendly one. In 2013 she published a book called Zero Waste Home. A family of 4 that make a liter of trash per year which is 2.20 pounds. The average person generates about 4.4 pound per day. She has shown that it is possible to make our footprint less harmful to the planet.  

Describe your Ideal Job
My aim is to become a Public and Environmental Health scientist. I believe in a less polluted and more sustainable planet (environmental health) which contributes directly with human life quality (public health). Also promoting healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle.

Favorite Websites, app, or tech tools
My favorite app would be Instagram because I can share adventures and positive mindsets in a simple picture. I also like YouTube because I can learn about new things and I can share covers of my favorite songs. Favorite tech tools would have to be my smartphone and my camera no doubt.




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