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10 Inspirational Words of Wisdom from Women Who Reign

In October 2015, Angela Cleveland and Saqi Mehta co-founded ReigningIt, a platform to highlight women’s experiences in STEM and to share their stories. Each woman that we interview has the choice of free write their own story or answering a few questions that we pose to them. Most choose the latter, and the very last question is:

“What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?”

Below are 10 answers from women we’ve featured in 2018. It’s fun to hear from celebrities and famous people, but what we love most about this platform is that these women are doing extraordinary things in ordinary life.

“There is honestly only one thing, I can truly say: #BeADreamer
In life, there are always going to be people who will tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. They will find the smallest of reasons to make you feel you can’t do anything. For a moment, you will believe them. Don’t let them keep you from following your dreams. You will find obstacles and hardships along the way, but you have to work hard to be who you want to be and never give up.
Dreams gives us hope. They give us a reason to keep going when things seem too hard. They let us know that one day every sacrifice we make will be worth it because we will finally be living our dreams.”
Grisell Torres (T: @GrissyQuinn)

“Be brave and authentic! Your authenticity will take you a very long way. Your bravery will help you change your world and the world around you!”
Prasha Sarwate (T: @Herstemstory)

“1. One should never listen to people saying you’re not good or worthy enough to pursue your dreams. Find your tribe.
2. The only person you should prove yourself to is… yourself.”
Adriana Vecchioli (T: @AdrianaVecc)

“Be unapologetically empathetic and emotional in your life. Whether it is apathy or endless care, let your emotions thrive and nurture your thoughts. They are what move you to create, breathe, and live. Abide by them and never be sorry for the world and what it makes you feel and what that moves you to do.”
Chiara Amisola (T: @amisoia)

“Take time to take care of yourself. Get up early to invest in yourself. To build up your knowledge, strengthen your body and clear your mind. Fill your cup first.”
Carla White (T: @carlawhite @thegratitudeapp)

“Take as many chances as you can to learn from the people around you! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet so many incredible and driven people that I’ve learned a lot from. I think life overall is a learning experience, which can be enriched by others if we let them.”
Katie Arriaga (T: @katiearriaga)

“Get as much exposure as you can, diversify your network, stay authentic, and never let the fear of being too young or inexperienced keep you from even taking the first step forward. Also, don’t be afraid to ‘walk alone’. By that I mean, going out to networking events and such has so much personal gain to it. You really enable yourself to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, not to mention you are so much more focused on the content presented at these events and can better internally process the topics discussed and develop an even interest in them.”
Mylene Tu (@mylenetu  @FEM_in_STEM)

“Women, historically and in the present-day, face many setbacks, but I am confident that, with the support of each other, we won’t just break the glass ceiling, but we will demolish it.”
Anagha Krishnan

“I’m still at the beginning of my journey but a few things that I am still learning:
– Confidence is key, men have a surplus of it. Believe you are a queen, because you are one!
– Being gentle with yourself, I often have high expectations for myself and feel disappointed when I don’t achieve. Putting things into perspective by asking “what is at stake?” really helps me
– Having a good community and people who support you is also essential”
Camille Mbayo

“Take risks now because the longer you wait and the older you get, the less likely you are to take that risky step you’ve always been tempted to take! Put yourself out there because life opens up when you do. Apply for scholarships, attend conferences, find your dream job, build a strong network of badass women in tech who inspire you. Coming from a small state college in New Jersey, too many people are afraid to pursue their dream career because they count themselves out of the race before they’ve even entered it. Never take that approach because the worst thing that can happen is you are told no, leaving you in the exact same spot as you are in already. More likely than not, you’ll benefit in some way either by achieving what you intended to or at least learning something new that will help you in the future.”
Brittany Reedman (T: @BrittReedman)

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